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Turn-key Projects

Turnkey Project execution is the flagship business of our group and we have successfully executed many plants and proud to have customers from all around the world benefited from our turnkey solutions. As the name suggest, turnkey project execution involves end to end responsibility for any project, from concept to commissioning of the plant. It is a one stop solution for the customer as they can find all their need from us to set-up their plant and run it successfully without any headache. We carefully study requirement of our customer and then our expert team of professionals put their best effort to make sure successful execution of the entire process. We take complete responsibility from designing to commissioning to successful running of the plant at our customers place. We help our customers to convert their dream in to reality.

Our scope of service includes:

  • Understanding requirement of customer and suggest them optimum solution
  • Feasibility study of the plant and Preparation of Project report
  • Detailed engineering and designing of the plant
  • Manufacturing and sourcing of various equipment, parts, utility and other items as per the
  • Final design of the plant
  • Inspection of equipment and all the items at various stage of manufacturing and also do final inspection for quality and proper export worthy packing before shipment
  • Documentation, logistics and shipment to assure timely delivery at lowest possible shipment cost
  • Project site study, analysis and selection of land considering required infrastructure
  • Preparing optimum layout of the plant considering various factors inclusive of available resources, raw material and finished good storage, utility, weather condition, future expansion plan etc.
  • Structure, architecture and interior designing of the project site
  • Complete integration of the project and co-ordinate with various agencies to ensure timely completion of the project
  • Installation of the plant and machineries and take the trial production
  • Commissioning of the plant and put it in to commercial production
  • Training of the local staff for the successful running and maintenance of the plant
  • Supply of Men Power ( expats ) on short term and long term contract
  • Energy conservation, Waste management and pollution control
  • Supply of Packing Material and Raw Material and help planning inventory control
  • Proving Management Consultancy, marketing consultancy and IT consultancy
  • Design of website and other Marketing Material
  • Provide after sales services
  • Plan for expansion and diversification
  • Any other project related service required by customer

(Actual scope depends upon the type of project to be implemented and services required by customer from us)

We supply turnkey projects for wide range of industries ranging from large projects like power plant, steel plant, cement plant, refinery, paper plant, flour mill, sugar plant etc. to medium and small scale plant for food, beverages, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

Some of the major projects cater by us are:

  • Metal and metal production plant
  • Cement and other construction material production plant
  • Power Generation
  • Refinery
  • Plastic and Rubber Processing plant
  • Paper and paper production plant
  • Sugar mill & Flour mill
  • Dairy plant
  • Farming and Agro processing plant
  • Food and Beverages production plant
  • Chemicals and chemical production plant
  • Pharmaceutical plant
  • Engineering items manufacturing plant
  • Printing plants
  • Recycle and waste management plant

Today LABH has emerged as a most reliable and trustworthy name in the international market for the execution of turnkey projects because of our track record of successful implementation of state of the art projects all around the world in minimum possible time and most cost effective way. Our excellent after sales service always keep our customer happy.



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